I need to purchase or sell foreign currency at a bargain

The situation that I need to solve

I import goods from abroad and sell them on the Czech market.

Several times a month, I pay my foreign suppliers’ invoices in different currencies.

I only have a CZK bank account, which I use to pay invoices by entering a foreign payment order.

When the CZK account’s funds are converted to a foreign currency, I lose a few tens of halers. Each payment comes out more expensive by hundreds of crowns.

I need to exchange under more favourable conditions, reduce the costs of payments from/to abroad and, in general, visibly save some money.

We have experienced several great years with Citfin’s favourable rates. Several years ago, I found out that with Citfin, we can save a few halers of each crown. And when it comes to larger amounts, the difference is more than evident. Moreover, Citfin analysts are available every day to discuss the current exchange rates and their anticipated future development over the phone.

Tomáš Brhel
Supervisory Board Member, Green-Swan Pharmaceuticals CR a.s.

What we can do for you

We will help you to achieve the most favourable rate for the purchase and sale of foreign exchanges. We trade online in the forex market.

There are no minimum exchange volume limits set for spot trading. With us, you will be able to exchange really low amounts.

We settle foreign exchange transactions quickly and also mediate foreign payments. The fees for outgoing foreign payments are low and incoming foreign payments are free of charge. Moreover, we will expedite your payments abroad.

Your existing CZK account is sufficient. There is no need to open new bank accounts, let alone foreign exchange accounts.

Are you looking for advice or answers to your questions? Let us know, we’re happy to help.

We are available to you on working days from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

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