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Helena Zumr Janů | HD COMMODITY s.r.o.

90% of our goods are sold to foreign clients. The development of the price of the goods depends entirely on the development of the exchange rate. If we want to arrange the best possible rate, we set a Currency Order at the required level and indicate the amount and period in which we want to execute and monitor the Order. If the rate goes in this direction, the system will exchange the required amount automatically, and then we needn’t worry about anything anymore.

Helena Zumr Janů
Managing Director, HD COMMODITY s.r.o.

What we can do for you

Currency Order

Are you looking for the most favourable rate but have no time to monitor the development in the foreign exchange market? The Currency Order will keep an eye on the rate for you.


Do you purchase or sell foreign currency and want to avoid the negative consequences of rate fluctuations?

Fix the current rate for up to two years in advance.

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