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Petr Čížek | BÖLLHOFF, s.r.o.

At first, we only made foreign payments and purchased foreign currencies in banks. Over time the bank charges became unacceptable for us and we felt like we were wasting money. Then we discovered the Citfin EASY multi-currency account and decided to try something new. This resulted in very surprising savings. After all, Citfin offers three EUR payments for free each month and each additional for only twenty crowns. Incoming EUR payments and all domestic payments are free of charge. This annually saves our company tens of thousands of crowns.

Petr Čížek
Managing Director, BÖLLHOFF, s.r.o.

Radek Maděra | CK Arcadia Air, s.r.o.

As a travel agency focusing on exotic holidays, we send and receive foreign payments in USD, ZAR, AUD and other currencies every day, so the Citfin multi-currency account is helpful in this respect. Everything is managed under one account number, which provides a great advantage and simplicity for our business partners and accountants.

Radek Maděra
Travel Agency Manager, CK Arcadia Air, s.r.o.

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EASY Corporate Multi-Currency Account

Are foreign exchanges an essential part of your business? Then an account which can hold up to 27 currencies could significantly simplify and reduce the costs of your financial transactions.

Foreign Payments

Do you make payments abroad? Is your income in a foreign currency? We make foreign transactions quick, cheap and safe. We can also deal with exotic destinations.

Online Foreign Exchanges

You can trade independently in eight major global currencies without having to make the transaction via telephone. Find the USD or EUR exchange online, quickly and easily.

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