Foreign Payments

Do you make payments abroad? Is your income in a foreign currency?
We make foreign transactions quick, cheap and safe. We can also deal with exotic destinations.

The benefits of foreign exchange transactions abroad

You will save money

You will significantly reduce the company’s costs on fees for outgoing foreign payments. Incoming foreign payments are for free.

Always be on time

Your payments will arrive abroad faster. Our network of corresponding banks is reliable and perfectly interconnected.

We keep an eye on transactions for you

We will carefully check each payment during processing. If you make a mistake when entering the payment, we will notify you and correct the payment details together.


You can easily enter payment orders in the Internet banking system or through Phonebanking.

Are you looking for advice or answers to your questions? Let us know, we’re happy to help.

We are available to you on working days from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

How it works

Contact the Dealing Department and make a foreign exchange transaction.

Send the currency being sold to execute the foreign exchange transaction to the payment account you have with Citfin.

You can enter a foreign payment order via the internet banking service or Phonebanking.

Before sending the order, payment instructions are checked so that the payment is made as fast as possible.

On the settlement date of the foreign exchange transaction, a foreign payment is transferred from Citfin, and you will receive a transfer confirmation.

Documents to download

  Payment Instructions | Citfin – Finanční trhy, a.s. 126 KB Download
  Payment Instructions | Citfin, spořitelní družstvo 135 KB Download

Frequently asked questions

We don’t offer the app, but our BankServis Internet banking is responsive, so it adapts to your mobile phone.

An interbank document containing a reference number by which the payment is identified by foreign banks.

– Europayment is credited within 24 hours.
– Domestic payment is credited within 24 hours.
– International payment is credited in 3–5 days, but based on our experience the period is usually shorter.

Call our Call Centre at (+420) 234 092 333 and our colleagues will look at it together with you and help you solve it.

You can create a payment order conveniently in our BankServis, where you can set up templates or use other options. It’s simply our perfect Internet banking.