EASY Corporate Multi-Currency Account

Are foreign exchanges an essential part of your business?
Then an account which can hold up to 27 currencies could significantly simplify and reduce the costs of your financial transactions.

The benefits of 27 currencies in 1 account

EUR payments

Europayments are made only for 2 CZK. As well as domestic payments.

Incoming payments

All incoming payments, whether domestic or foreign, are credited to your account for free.


You can easily use up to 27 currencies in a single account through internet banking, which can be linked to your company’s accounts.

Without limits

Naturally, account management is free of charge. With the EASY account, you receive favourable rates, regardless of the exchanged amount.

Are you looking for advice or answers to your questions? Let us know, we’re happy to help.

We are available to you on working days from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

How it works

Simply and safely log into the BankServis internet banking system.

You will quickly get a clear overview of current balances on all your currency accounts.

You can make a foreign exchange transaction – purchase or sell foreign currency at a favourable rate.

You can make domestic or foreign payments in the internet banking system. Authorising and sending payments are confirmed via SMS.

You will immediately receive a confirmation of the transfer of funds to BankServis. You can also find account statements and confirmations there.

Documents to download

  BankServis User Manual Citfin SD_2023_06_01 4 MB Download


Country Currency Code  
Kurz AED Dirham United Arab Emirates dirham AED
Kurz AUD Australian Dollar Australia dollar AUD
Kurz BGN Bulgarian Lev Bulgaria lev BGN
Kurz CAD Canadian Dollar Canada dollar CAD
Kurz CHF Swiss Franc Switzerland franc CHF
Kurz CNY Chinese Yuan China renminbi CNY
Kurz CZK Czech Crown Czech Republic crown CZK
Kurz DKK Danish Krone Denmark krone DKK
Kurz EUR Euro European Monetary Union euro EUR
Kurz GBP Pound Sterling United Kingdom pound GBP
Kurz HKD Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong dollar HKD
Kurz HUF Hungarian Forint Hungary forint HUF
Kurz ILS Israeli Shekel Israel shekel ILS
Kurz JPY Japanese Yen Japan yen JPY
Kurz MXN Mexican Peso Mexico peso MXN
Kurz NOK Norwegian Krone Norway krone NOK
Kurz NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand dollar NZD
Kurz PLN Polish Zloty Poland złoty PLN
Kurz RON Romanian Leu Romania new leu RON
Kurz RUB Russian Rouble Russian federation Rouble RUB
Kurz SAR Saudi Rial Saudi Arabia rial SAR
Kurz SEK Swedish Crown Sweden krona SEK
Kurz SGD Singapore Dollar Singapore dollar SGD
Kurz THB Thai Baht Thailand baht THB
Kurz TRY Turkish Lira Turkey lira TRY
Kurz USD American Dollar USA dollar USD
Kurz ZAR South African Rand South African Republic rand ZAR

This is standard deposit insurance, which is up to 100,000 EUR and its equivalent to other currencies.

No, foreign currency exchange using the exchange rate table is free of charge.

A foreign currency account and its maintenance is free of charge.

Citfin has been on the market since 1996 and we have always preferred long-term cooperation with our clients. Of course, we have our profit margin on the exchanges, but it is significantly lower than, for example, with banks. Citfin’s growth is not driven by increasing margins, but by a continuously increasing number of satisfied clients.

Citfin works with legal entities.

We’re extremely cautious, and therefore the list of risky businesses includes, for example:

– Manufacture of explosives

– Nuclear fuel processing

– Manufacture of weapons and ammunition

– Gambling houses

– Casinos and betting offices

– Companies that trade cryptocurrencies