Social Responsibility


Throughout 2023, charity projects were underway at Citfin to help with treatment after serious injuries and illnesses. Citfin employees attended a First Aid Course under under the guidance of professional rescuers from the IZS Prague to know how to behave in situations that threaten their own lives or the lives of others.


We have joined forces with donors of immediate financial aid for the defence of Ukraine. We became a major supporter of the fund-raising campaign organised by the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague. Glory to Ukraine!


In response to the natural disaster in Moravia, Citfin donated funds to nine affected families to be able to repair their destroyed homes. We chose to support families that even though ignored by the media had a very strong story behind them.


In difficult Covid times, we supported Czech health care professionals by providing them with fruit. We also supplied vitamin-enhanced drinks to several hospitals in the country with a big thank you to those who cared for the patients. We wish all of them great strength, patience, and determination in their hard work.


We have established the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (CSR Fund). It is a Citfin money market fund intended for improvement of the environment outside the company, especially to support leisure time activities and our employees’ interests and hobbies. Through the CSR Fund we support specific non-profit sector events with direct participation or involvement of our employees. In 2019, we supported charity projects totalling almost 300,000 CZK.


Throughout 2018, charity projects were held at Citfin to help children with special needs and autism. Employees together with the Citfin contribution donated almost 65,000 CZK.


Throughout the year, Citfin has organised charity projects. With the help of Citfin, employees collected and donated more than CZK 200,000. We have supported:


Throughout the year, Citfin employees have been actively supporting charity projects and, with the help of Citfin, collected and donated over CZK 70,000. We have supported:


Citfin employees have been supporting charity projects throughout the year. In total, they have collected more than CZK 20,000 for: