Foreign exchange calculator

Are there any corporations or areas of business with which you would not enter into a contract?
Do you need to know current exchange rates? Do you know how many crowns you will get for selling the Euro? Or other 16 currencies?

Find out using our currency calculator!

Displayed exchange rates are only approximate. For the individual exchange rates for “foreign exchange buy” and “foreign exchange sell” call +420 234 092 020.

Exchange rates table

Country Currency Rate  
Kurz EUR Euro 1 EUR 27.0580
Kurz USD American Dollar 1 USD 23.0840
Kurz PLN Polish Zloty 1 PLN 5.9770
Kurz GBP Pound Sterling 1 GBP 29.8020
Kurz CHF Swiss Franc 1 CHF 25.0520
Kurz HUF Hungarian Forint 100 HUF 7.4500
Kurz RON Romanian Leu 1 RON 5.5509
Kurz RUB Russian Rouble 100 RUB 29.7350
Kurz DKK Danish Krone 1 DKK 3.6345
Kurz SEK Swedish Crown 1 SEK 2.5787
Kurz NOK Norwegian Krone 1 NOK 2.4683
Kurz CAD Canadian Dollar 1 CAD 17.3411
Kurz JPY Japanese Yen 100 JPY 21.8700
Kurz AUD Australian Dollar 1 AUD 16.5513
Kurz CNY Chinese Yuan 1 CNY 3.3924


Displayed exchange rates are only approximate. For the individual exchange rates for “foreign exchange buy” and “foreign exchange sell” call +420 234 092 020.

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The Citfin Foreign Currency Calculator, known as the Currency Calculator, converts the amount of currency you are selling into the amount of currency you are buying using the current exchange rates.

You can find 16 currencies and all combinations of their exchange rates, included cross rates in the currency calculator.

Country Currency Code  
Kurz AED Dirham United Arab Emirates dirham AED
Kurz AUD Australian Dollar Australia dollar AUD
Kurz BGN Bulgarian Lev Bulgaria lev BGN
Kurz CAD Canadian Dollar Canada dollar CAD
Kurz CHF Swiss Franc Switzerland franc CHF
Kurz CNY Chinese Yuan China renminbi CNY
Kurz DKK Danish Krone Denmark krone DKK
Kurz EUR Euro European Monetary Union euro EUR
Kurz GBP Pound Sterling United Kingdom pound GBP
Kurz HKD Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong dollar HKD
Kurz HRK Croatian Kuna Croatia kuna HRK
Kurz HUF Hungarian Forint Hungary forint HUF
Kurz ILS Israeli Shekel Israel shekel ILS
Kurz JPY Japanese Yen Japan yen JPY
Kurz LVL Latvian Lat Latvia lat LVL
Kurz MAD Moroccan Dirham Morocco dirham MAD
Kurz MXN Mexican Peso Mexico peso MXN
Kurz NOK Norwegian Krone Norway krone NOK
Kurz NZD New Zealand Dollar New Zealand dollar NZD
Kurz PLN Polish Zloty Poland złoty PLN
Kurz RON Romanian Leu Romania new leu RON
Kurz RUB Russian Rouble Russian federation Rouble RUB
Kurz SAR Saudi Rial Saudi Arabia rial SAR
Kurz SEK Swedish Crown Sweden krona SEK
Kurz SGD Singapore Dollar Singapore dollar SGD
Kurz THB Thai Baht Thailand baht THB
Kurz TND Tunisian Dinar Tunisia dinar TND
Kurz TRY Turkish Lira Turkey lira TRY
Kurz UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia Ukraine hryvnia UAH
Kurz USD American Dollar USA dollar USD
Kurz ZAR South African Rand South African Republic rand ZAR

You can’t say that. The truth is that there is no regularity in the foreign exchange market, but macroeconomic data are made public at a preset time, and at this time foreign exchange rates tend to move more.

Foreign exchange is free, fast, and simple. There are no hidden fees.

We are fully online and exchange rates change in the market every second. The CNB middle rate is reserved for accounting purposes only.

You won’t find any asterisks and hidden information with us. We are always transparent.