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At first, we only made foreign payments and purchased foreign currencies in banks. Over time the bank charges became unacceptable for us and we felt like we were wasting money. Then we discovered the Citfin EASY multi-currency account and decided to try something new. This resulted in very surprising savings. After all, Citfin offers three EUR payments for free each month and each additional for only twenty crowns. Incoming EUR payments and all domestic payments are free of charge. This annually saves our company tens of thousands of crowns.

As we are a company that operates internationally, we need to purchase all around Europe and the world. The EASY account allows us to manage several currencies under one account. It’s easy to use and understand. Thanks to this benefit, we could close several foreign exchange accounts with traditional banks, which were too burdensome and, above all, too expensive to manage.

We also use Citfin forward transactions, which now, after the closure of CNB interventions, became a very important instrument. With forward transactions, we simply fix the rate for all known liabilities, which we will have to pay in a foreign currency in the future. You don’t have to worry about any loss from rate fluctuations. What I appreciate the most about Citfin hedging is its flexibility. I can make a forward transaction whenever I want. I don’t have to wait for it to be completed and can draw funds from it earlier, if necessary. Moreover, hedging by a forward transaction with Citfin is easy, and it can all be arranged over the phone. If I decide to use hedging today, Citfin will provide it tomorrow, which is extremely convenient. Their fast, professional and personal approach cannot be found in any bank.

Petr Čížek
Managing Director

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This family business is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of fasteners and processing systems, including tailor-made components, assembly techniques, servicing and training.

Used Products

Foreign Exchange

Are you an entrepreneur or a company that trades with foreign countries, and needs to use foreign exchanges?
There are no minimum limits in Citfin for the purchase and sale of foreign exchanges because we approach each client individually.

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EASY Corporate Multi-Currency Account

Are foreign exchanges an essential part of your business?
Then an account which can hold up to 27 currencies could significantly simplify and reduce the costs of your financial transactions.

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Do you purchase or sell foreign currency and want to avoid the negative consequences of rate fluctuations?

Fix the current rate for up to two years in advance.

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